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Compare the repetitive blood oxygen probe with the disposable blood oxygen probe PK
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Compare the repetitive blood oxygen probe with the disposable blood oxygen probe PK

Repeated blood oxygen probe and one-time blood oxygen probe are critically ill patients, children and babies in our life and our hospital clinical surgery is widely used in general anesthesia, also is our necessary medical electronic equipment accessories, testing means and our clinical use of blood oxygen saturation probe, these are our everyday medical consumables and equipment, we should be how to choose to use oxygen probe, the contrastive analysis of repeated blood oxygen probe and one-time blood oxygen probe PK battle. 

Comparison of the application of repetitive blood oxygen probe and disposable blood oxygen probe:

1. Disposable probe can provide adhesive tape of various medical levels according to patients' different pathological needs, which is convenient for clinical monitoring.

2. The secondary probe can select different discussion types according to different patients, and the measurement value is more accurate.

3. The "repeatable" probe is repeatedly used between patients. The probe should not be sterilized with disinfectant solution, and it should not be sterilized at high temperature. A one-time probe can prevent infection.

4. Pasted disposable blood oxygen probe does not contain latex, but adopts a specially designed soft sponge and magic stick, which is comfortable, safe and can prevent skin allergy if used for a long time.

Common problems in the use of blood oxygen probe
1. Artificial exercise some artificial exercise causes abnormal pulse and affects the monitoring accuracy.

2. Inadequate blood flow and blood pressure cuff, tight clothing or inhibition will hinder blood flow and affect the monitoring accuracy

3. Light interference sometimes the external light source will cause the wrong reading

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